Program Benefits

  • NSE expands course and program offerings by using the resources of nearly 200 campuses across the US and Canada.
  • NSE offers possibilities for curriculum sharing and joint program development among member institutions.
  • NSE offers the host campus opportunities to receive a diverse group of incoming students, some of whom will return to the institution for graduate work.
  • NSE options include exchange among university honors and residential life programs as well as access to internships, research options, and service learning opportunities of member campuses.
  • NSE students can exchange for a single term or a full academic year. Sixty-five percent of NSE students exchange for a full academic year offering them a full immersion opportunity at their host environment.
  • NSE offers options for students who may not yet be ready for an international program, but are seeking new academic, cultural and personal experiences to enhance their undergraduate education.
  • NSE is a study away program that integrates into the global mission of the campus.
  • NSE is a good fit for students who do not have the language skills, cannot find an academic program match, or cannot afford an international exchange.
  • NSE links to the international programs of member campuses in more than 40 countries.
  • Campuses sign a single agreement with NSE; individual agreements with each consortium member are not required. The NSE agreement conforms to Title IV regulations ensuring that eligible applicants have access to federal financial aid.
  • NSE's tuition reciprocity works with two tuition payment plans - Plan A (students pay the in-state/in-province tuition/fees of their host campus) or Plan B (students pay their normal tuition and fees to their home campus).
  • NSE support services and internal processing are similar to study abroad.
  • NSE provides strong Central Office support to its member institutions.

"Most students arrive at college knowing - or thinking they know, or being told that they know - what they want to do. Almost none of them really know what they can do. Our job at a university is to help students become who they want to be. The support and range of opportunities that NSE provides for a broad spectrum of students on that journey of self-discovery are, to me, the most amazing aspects of the program."

Andrew Grubb
NSE and Academic Coordinator
University of Louisville