What NSE Provides to Its Members

NSE, with a reputation for quality service, maintains a strong and viable consortium through continuous communication and ongoing assessment of the needs and interests of the member colleges and universities. Services provided to member institutions include, but are not limited to:
  • on-campus training and orientation
  • detailed coordinator handbook of policies and procedures
  • directory of campus coordinators
  • campus profiles
  • promotional materials
  • templates for application materials, fliers, brochures, book marks, and other promotional materials which can be adapted to campus use
  • e-mail discussion group
  • password-protected Internet site for coordinator resources and placement activity
  • Internet site for resources for students
  • Internet site for resources and information for faculty and advisers
  • Internet site for information for family and friends
  • mentor program for new coordinators
  • annual placement conference
  • on-going support from the NSE Central Office
"I love how NSE operates in such a positive way...the leadership really seems to embrace the coordinators' perspectives and ideas; and that makes the NSE community thrive."

Sara Kinerson
NSE Coordinator and Director
Advising and Career Center
Johnson State College