What NSE Expects From Its Members

While this is a national network for exchange, it is administered locally through an NSE coordinator at each member university. Students do not enroll in consortium-developed programs. Rather they enroll in the academic programs offered by NSE member universities. Campus program management is built upon the framework of NSE policies and procedures.

NSE members are expected to comply with the NSE Terms of Participation and the Principles of Professional Practice for NSE Coordinators in the management and administration of their campus NSE programs. NSE provides detailed instructions on program administration and procedures in its Handbook which is complimented by a month-by-month Timeline for campus exchange activities.

Each member university designates an individual to serve as coordinator for the campus NSE program. The extent to which the institution takes full advantage of the opportunities offered through NSE is largely determined by the coordinator who must stimulate the interest of prospective exchange participants and provide a framework in which the exchange program will be administered by the institution. NSE responsibilities are similar to those who coordinate study abroad or international exchanges for the campus. Responsibilities include:
  • serving as a liaison with administrative, academic, and student services personnel
  • serving as a liaison with member campus coordinators and the NSE Central Office
  • promoting the program
  • helping students explore how NSE fits with personal and academic goals
  • processing exchange applications
  • attending the Annual Placement Conference in order to negotiate placements for the subsequent
    academic year
  • ensuring that students have completed advising agreements
  • informing students of procedures related to financial aid application and disbursement
  • orienting incoming exchange students
  • serving as a home away from home for incoming students
  • assisting returning students with re-entry
  • managing the program in compliance with the NSE Handbook
  • abiding by the Principles of Professional Practice for NSE Coordinators