Tuition Reciprocity & Fees

The National Student Exchange is a tuition-reciprocal exchange program and uses two payment plans to accommodate that reciprocity.

Plan A - The student pays the resident (in-state/in-province) tuition and mandatory fees of the host campus directly to that campus.

Plan B - The student pays normal tuition and mandatory fees (e.g., health services, student activities) fees to their home institution. That payment is retained by the home campus; it is not transferred to the host institution. Students do not pay tuition to the host campus. Since Plan B students have paid their mandatory fees to their home university, they are not expected to pay these fees to their host campus.

Whether using Plan A or Plan B students are expected to pay fees which are assessed as a condition of enrollment in courses (e.g., laboratory fees, internship, art and photography supplies, student teaching, field studies). The cost for room and meals are always paid directly by the student to their host college or university.

Participating campuses operate under one or both payment plans depending upon institutional, board, or state or provincial policies governing reciprocity models. Utilization of both tuition payment plans offers the most flexibility to both the student and the participating member campus.

"This program embodies the overall mission statement of our university. Participants apply to NSE as students, but complete their exchange as edified scholars who, in turn, reach greater levels of success. What has impressed me most is that no one exchange is identical to another; each is uniquely customized to deliver an experience created for the student."

Julie Baker Bagley
NSE Coordinator
Utah Valley University