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  • Fall 8/14-12/13
  • Spring 1/16-5/19

Tuition & Payments

You will pay in-state/in province tuition/fees directly to your host campus.
OPEN - Host campus accepts ALL qualified applicants.

You will pay your normal tuition/fees to your home campus.
OPEN - Host campus accepts ALL qualified applicants.

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Costs For Plan A Tuition & Fees:

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Costs For Room And Meals:

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Campus Diversity
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Campus Profile

UPRM is the only Hispanic land-grant and sea-grant within the US that operates in a subtropical environment. UPRM enrolls over 12,000
students on its campus which occupies nearly 300 acres between hills and gardens with exotic and native plants. The campus offers 49 baccalaureate programs,30 masters and doctoral options through the Colleges of Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, Business Administration and Arts and Sciences. UPRM has been fully accredited since 1946 by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges. All of its engineering programs are ABET accredited. The UPRM library has the best collection of scientific, technical books in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Helpful Information - The language of instruction is Spanish, but with a variety of courses offered in English.

Undergraduate Majors Open to NSE Students

Agriculture: Agricultural Business, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Education, Agricultural Sciences, Agronomy, Animal Sciences, Crop Science/Management, Horticulture, Mechanized Agriculture, Plant Protection, Soil Science

Area Studies: Hispanic Studies

Art/Design/Fine Art: Art

Athletics: Physical Education

Biological Sciences: Biology/Life Science, Biotechnology, Microbiology

Business: Accounting, Administrative Office Management, Business Administration, Finance/Banking, Industrial Business, Management, Marketing, Office Management, Organizational Studies

Chemistry: Chemistry

Earth Sciences: Geology, Physical Sciences

Economics: Economics

Engineering: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

English: Comparative Literature, English

General Studies: Humanities, Social Sciences

Geography and Urban Studies: Surveying

Geology: Geology

Health and Safety Sciences: Nursing

History: History

Industrial Studies: Industrial Administration and Management, Industrial Microbiology

Information Studies: Computer Science, Information Systems

Mathematics: Mathematics

Physics: Physics

Political Science: Political Science

Pre-Professional : Veterinary Medicine Pre-Professional

Psychology: Psychology

Sociology/Social Work: Sociology

Registration Priority GPA and Other Academic Requirements Exchange Preferences Mid-Year Exchange Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Students Summer Exchange International Students (Visa Students)
Tuition and Fees Per Semester - Plan A Students Tuition and Fees - Plan B Students
Maximum Credit Hours Per Semester
Miscellaneous Fees - Per Semester
Figures are current as of 7/11/2017.

Purpose Amount Period Plan Status
Health Insurance: $586 Semester Plan A & B Mandatory
ID Card: $5 Year Plan A & B Mandatory

Exchange with Canada - Health Insurance
Students must purchase campus health insurance at $586 per semester.

Financial Aid
Plan A
For Plan A U.S. students, aid is awarded by and disbursed from your host campus. Students apply for federally funded financial aid by using the FAFSA code of their host campus. Host campuses award aid to eligible incoming Plan A students on a first-come, first-served basis as long as funds are available. Ask your home campus NSE coordinator if your campus awards aid to their own outgoing students. If so, do not apply for aid from your host campus.

For eligible Plan A applicants U.S. federal financial aid may be available in the following programs:

Use FAFSA CODE: 003944

Plan B
For eligible Plan B students, aid is awarded by and disbursed from your home campus.

Regardless of Plan A or Plan B, students exchanging to or from Canada, apply for financial aid at their home campus.
On-Campus Housing Per Semester Off-Campus Housing Meal Plans Per Semester

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