Profile: Lewis-Clark State College

Fast Facts

On Campus:10%
  • Fall 08/21-12/14
  • Spring 01/16-5/10

Tuition & Payments

You will pay your normal tuition/fees to your home campus.
EVEN - Host campus accepts no more students than it sends out.

Estimated Per Semester
Costs For Room And Meals:

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Receive From Canada

Campus Diversity
2%Native/First Nation
1%Hawaiian/Pacific Island
2%Two or more races

Campus Profile

With a student population of about 4,500 and a faculty-to-student ratio of 1:14, Lewis-Clark State College is a closely-knit community with a picturesque campus and lots of personal interaction. There are a variety of student organizations, including a student radio station, student newspaper (The Pathfinder), student government, student clubs, and a variety of intramural sports. These join the ample recreation opportunities made available through our Student Activities Center and the Outdoor program. LCSC has a close connection with the local Native American tribe, the Nez Perce, and offers a unique opportunity to take classes in Nez Perce language and culture at the college. Campus athletics include tennis, golf, volleyball, track & field, cross country, basketball, and baseball teams. LCSC is also a member of the NAIA Division 1 Frontier Conference, and every May hosts the NAIA World Series right at our own Harris Field.

Campus Location - LCSC is located in the Lewis-Clark valley, a scenic area with 35,000 residents that straddles the state border of Idaho and Washington. Temperatures are mild and outdoor recreation is abundant.

Helpful Information - LCSC is a small, friendly campus in a residential neighborhood. Many students live off-campus, though on-campus housing is also available. The area has a low cost of living. Most classes run MW or TTh with Friday being an off-day for many students. The campus is small and intimate, allowing students to really get to know each other and their professors. The town is walkable, but most students will feel much happier owning a car of their own as public transportation is very limited.

Undergraduate Majors Open to NSE Students

Anthropology: Anthropology

Athletics: Exercise Science

Biological Sciences: Bioinformatics, Biology/Life Science

Business: Accounting, Accounting Control Systems, Administrative Office Management, Business, Business Administration, Business Technology, Management

Chemistry: Chemistry

Communications: Communication, Graphic Communication, Publishing, Visual Design/Web Media

Criminal Justice: Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies

Earth Sciences: Earth Science

English: Creative Writing, English

Environmental Studies: Fire Science

General Studies: Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences

Health and Safety Sciences: Kinesiology, Medical Records Administration and Services, Paramedical Studies

History: History

Hospitality and Tourism: Hospitality Management

Information Studies: Computer Science, Information Technology

Mathematics: Mathematics

Political Science: Political Science

Psychology: Psychology

Recreation: Sports Administration, Sports Management

Sociology/Social Work: Social Work, Sociology

Technology: Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, Electronics Technology, Engineering Technology, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Technology, Manufacturing Technology, Welding Technology

Closed Programs
Nursing/Health Sciences and Teacher Education.

Upper division social sciences. Social work requires practical prerequisites.

Notable Academic Programs
Criminal Justice
Sports Administration
Computer Science

Unique Academic Programs
Automotive Technology
Fire Science
Industrial Technology
Visual Design/Web Media
Welding Technology

Special Options
RA Exchange: Yes

Registration Priority GPA and Other Academic Requirements Exchange Preferences Mid-Year Exchange Non-Native English Speakers Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Students Summer Exchange International Students (Visa Students)
Tuition and Fees - Plan B Students
Maximum Credit Hours Per Semester
Miscellaneous Fees - Per Semester
Figures are current as of 7/8/2017.

Purpose Amount Period Plan Status
Housing Deposit: $200 Semester Plan B Optional
Parking Fee: $5 Semester Plan B Optional

Exchange with Canada - Health Insurance
Students must purchase campus health insurance at $0 per semester.

Financial Aid
Plan B
For eligible Plan B students, aid is awarded by and disbursed from your home campus.

Regardless of Plan A or Plan B, students exchanging to or from Canada, apply for financial aid at their home campus.
On-Campus Housing Per Semester Off-Campus Housing Notes About Housing
Local public transportation is very limited, so students should keep this in mind when considering off-campus housing. Single-occupancy suites are available - bathroom sharing can be coed.

Meal Plans Per Semester

Notes About Meal Plans
Each meal plan includes a designated number of 'all-you-can-eat' breakfasts and dinners per week plus a certain number of 'flex' dollars (either $200 or $250), depending on the plan, which can be used for lunch. Plans cannot be reduced after the first week of the semester, but can be increased at any time.

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