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Many students interested in NSE begin searching for campuses that offer particular majors or majors related to their interests. NSE provides a generic classification of the multitude of undergraduate majors offered by member universities which are available to incoming NSE students. You can search by campus or by major. Make sure you examine majors related to yours as well since it is likely they will have courses that will apply to your major.

Once you have identified a campus with a major of interest, you can obtain information on courses offered in that major from the catalog of the respective university. Links to the catalogs of NSE member campuses are available from this Web site under the Resources heading.

When you look at university catalogs, you may see majors offered by the campus which are not listed on NSE's list of undergraduate majors. That is because NSE members may restrict some majors from access by incoming NSE students. And, just as on your own campus, courses listed in university catalogs may not be offered every term or year. When offered, registration is based on availability and cannot be guaranteed. You must also meet course pre-requisites and/or co-requisites as required by your host campus. To participate in NSE, a flexible academic program is a must. If you are dependent upon a particular set of courses in order to maintain academic progress, you are advised to remain on your home campus.

Please note that some programs listed at this site may be restricted, limited or highly competitive. They are not marked, as such, at this site. Therefore, it is important to use this list in conjunction with the Campus Profile, which will list, if applicable, programs that are closed, restricted, limited, or have other qualifications such as a higher GPA of audition requirements (i.e., performing arts).

Please note that the majors listed at this site are subject to change without notice.

In addition to the list of undergraduate programs of study, many NSE colleges and universities offer opportunities for independent study, individualized learning, honors programs, inter-disciplinary programs, self-designed programs, study abroad, internship, field experience, and off-campus study options. Consult the Campus Profile for additional information on these special options.