Membership Costs

Program Coordination

Time required for NSE coordination will vary from 10 to 25 percent with peaks and valleys of through each term of exchange-related activities. The size of the campus, the number of outgoing and incoming exchange participants, the other administrative responsibilities of the NSE coordinator, and the ability to utilize support personnel will affect the time actually needed to manage the program.

Operating Costs and Annual Placement Conference

Operational costs are minimal with most campuses fitting NSE into an office with existing personnel and budget. Additional funds may be needed in some offices to promote the program, pay the annual membership fee, and cover the cost of attendance at the Annual Placement Conference.

Membership and Student Fees

Member institutions pay an annual fee; and students applying for the program pay a fee to NSE that is collected by, and paid to, the campus.
  • $900 - Annual membership fee
  • $150 - Student application fee
Fees are subject to change without notice.

"My students have become more independent and self-assured through their experiences with NSE."

Rob Burford
NSE Coordinator
University of New Mexico