Become an NSE Member

Campuses qualify for membership by demonstrating, through a preliminary application, that they offer academic, cultural, or geographic diversity to the membership as well as have the ability to work within the framework of the program's policies and procedures. An interested institution will be evaluated on the criteria below, singly or in combination, to determine whether or not an invitation will be extended to complete the process:
  • offer academic programs which complement and/or supplement the academic offerings and options of current member institutions
  • have unique programs or opportunities for exchange
  • are located in a geographic region not currently represented or under-represented in the NSE family
  • are in regions of high student interest
Of particular interest to the National Student Exchange are senior research universities and campuses that offer ethnic, cultural, geographic, and/or academic diversity.

Preliminary applications are welcome any time, but priority is given to those applying by April 1. To finalize membership, NSE requires a one-day, on-campus site visit and orientation at the applying institution's expense as well as a one-time application fee of $500.

"This program embodies the overall mission statement of our university. Participants apply to NSE as students, but complete their exchange as edified scholars who, in turn, reach greater levels of success. What has impressed me most is that no one exchange is identical to another; each is uniquely customized to deliver an experience created for the student."

Julie Baker Bagley
NSE Coordinator
Utah Valley University