Getting Started

  • Read the entire section Policies and Procedures for detailed information on eligibility; application policies, procedures and considerations; and what will be expected of you from the time of application through return to your home campus.

  • Discuss NSE with your home campus NSE coordinator, your primary contact for NSE participation.

  • See Campus Profiles for detailed information on member campuses.

  • If your home and host campuses offer both of NSE's payment plans (A and B), consider which payment plan might best meet your financial needs in conjunction with your anticipated financial aid and other financial resources. Under Plan A, you will pay to your host campus the in-state (resident) or in-province tuition and fees directly to that campus. Under Plan B, you will contine to pay your normal tuition and fees to your home university. If you currently pay non-resident tuition to your home campus, you should expect to continue to do so while on exchange.

  • Meet with the NSE designated financial aid officer at your home campus to ascertain how NSE impacts federally-funded aid and the portability of other forms of aid.

  • Talk to your academic advisor about how NSE can fit into your degree objectives and fulfillment of core, general education, and degree requirements.

  • Discuss NSE with your parents, guardians and/or significant others.

  • Consider the probabilities for being accepted at the campus(es) of interest. Campuses that list themselves as "open" will accept all eligible applicants. Campuses that are "uneven" take a few more students than they send. Those listed as "even" will accept no more than the number of their outgoing students. Campuses listed as "1:l" are the most restrictive since they accept first from campuses where they intend to place their own students.

  • Meet application deadlines established by your home campus coordinator.

  • Following placement, meet the requirements and deadlines established by both your home and host campuses.

  • Complete a written advising agreement.

  • Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure that will change your life!

"Participating in NSE is a great way to open your eyes and get out of your comfort zone. It is amazing how a different state in the same country can have such a different vibe, culture, etc."

Jessica Tonjes
University of New Mexico
to the University of Kentucky