Expanding Resources & Forming Partnerships

Are you interested in forging inter-institutional program relationships with other colleges and universities in the United States or Canada?

You campus could take advantage of the many resources available at nearly 200 NSE member universities across the United States and Canada at no additional cost. NSE's resources are your resources. And, if exchanging students is a desirable outcome of such relationships, the National Student Exchange can assist by delivering a flexible, cost-effective process that lets you concentrate on the academic goals and objectives while NSE Central Office staff and your own campus NSE coordinator deliver the mechanism to make it work.

Through NSE, academic units on your campus can combine departmental strengths to develop a program which allows your students to expand the depth and breadth of their education through access to different courses, professors, resources, and research strengths of another member university. Because exchange is a part of your institution's overall NSE program, departmental exchange relationships do not have to be bilateral (institution:institution) or even (same number of students out of the department as accepted in). The campus NSE program as a whole can absorb the variance in numbers to make such arrangements possible.

Inter-institutional programming utilizing NSE may be accomplished through formal written agreements or verbal cooperative understandings as best meet the needs of the institution and the program. You can develop a simplified approach to curriculum sharing or develop a formalized joint-degree program with another NSE member. Several NSE universities are currently in partnerships with other member campuses in areas such as fashion and textile technology, landscape architecture, aquaculture, communication, agriculture, forestry, social work, and hospitality.

"NSE can form the basis of an academic relationship among campuses from written formal agreements to casual exchange. NSE will take care of the administrative details; you can take care of the academic arrangements. Can you imagine the myriad of resources and opportunities offered by nearly 200 NSE member campuses that are not available on your campus? As an NSE member, they are all yours!"

Wendel Wickland
Former NSE Coordinator and Director of Special Programs
SUNY College at Buffalo