Florida International University

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Type of Transcript Required:Official
Transcripts are Due By:April 1st

Admissions Materials
FallSpring / WinterSpring
SENT BY:  immediately after placement  immeidately after placement  N/A 
Access:  Online 
RETURN BY:  April 1st  April 1st  N/A 
Complete:  Online 
Registration Details for First Term
FallSpring / WinterSpring
SENT BY:  Immediately after placement  September  N/A 
Method:  Online 
RETURN BY:  April  November  N/A 
ENDS:  August 
PRIORITY:  Before seniors 
  -   Housing Information   -   Meals Information   -   Payment Plan Information   -  
Housing Materials
FallSpring / WinterSpring
SENT BY:  May   September  N/A 
Access:  Online 
RETURN BY:  June 1st  October 1st  N/A 
Complete:  Online 
DEPOSIT DUE: Fall-term: June 1st. Spring-term: October 1st.
  -   Housing Information   -  
Off-Campus Housing Assistance Provided By:
Orientation & Parent Programs

P: 305-348 6414
Housing Limitations & Comments:
Off-campus housing website: If living off-campus, it is strongly encouraged to have a reliable vehicle for transportation in Miami. Miami's public transportation system is not reliable. Biscayne Bay Campus-Bayview Housing is managed by a private company, and not FIU Housing.
Billing Schedule
FallSpring / WinterSpring
SENT BY:  July  December   
Access:  Online 
RETURN BY:  University's payment deadline (September)  University's payment deadline (January)   
Payment:  Online 
RETURN TO: The Student Financials Office
11200 SW 8th Street
MM campus, PC120
Miami, Florida 33199

P: 305-348-2126
General Administrative Comments:
Tuition is charged to the student's financial account (via MyFIU), no paper bills will be mailed. All tuition payments (plan- A or B) must be made by the University's payment deadline. Payment plans can be coordinated via the Student's MyFIU ( account. A service fee of $15 per term will apply.
  • Tuition can not be deferred.
  • Housing payment can be deferred with proof of aid until priori to 1st payment deadline.
  • Meals can be deferred with proof of aid until prior to 1st payment deadline.
 Notes on Deferments: 
Housing deferment for Financial Aid recipients for full or partial payment of Fall or Spring Housing fees may be requested by submitting a copy of your
official notification of financial aid award
along with a completed fee deferral request form ( including the number of credit hours you are expecting to take each semester at FIU and the tuition rate that you will be paying to your Home (Plan B)/Host (Plan A)school. Submit deferral request to Susy Sanchez ( at: FIU
Housing Office
121 Modesto A. Maidique Towers
Florida 33199.
 Notes on Payment Plans: 
Students may establish a tuition payment plan via their MyFIU ( account. A fee of $15 per term will be assessed.
 Financial Aid Contact:  Payment Plan Information: 
Diane Mera
Coordinator of Financial Aid
11200 SW 8th St.
MM Campus, PC 123
Miami, Fl 33199

P: 305-348-7272

W: Link
 On-Campus Employment Assistance:  Off-Campus Employment Assistance: 
Career Services
Division of Student Affairs
W: Link
  • Health records are required, and are due by Prior to course enrollment.
  • A campus copy of the records is acceptable.
  • A physical is not required.
  • Immunization records are required before the student can register.
    • MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
    • hepatitis B
    • meningococcal
  • Immunization records are required before the student can move in.
    • MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
    • hepatitis B
    • meningococcal
  • Health/Accident insurance is required.
  • The student is not required to buy the host plan.
  • Campus disability access at this institution is best described as excellent.
 Send Health Records To:  Send Proof of Insurance To: 
FIU Student Health Services
Health Compliance Unit
FIU/University Health Complex
11200 SW 8th St. Room #101
Miami, Fl 33199

P: (305)348-2401
F: (305)-348-3336
Jamie Perez
NSE Program Manager
11200 SW 8th St.
MM Campus, SASC 402
Miami, Fl 33199

P: 305-348-1292
F: 305-348-7265
 Learning Disabilities Office:  Physical Disabilities Office: 
Disability Resource Center
11200 SW 8th St.
MM Campus, GC 190
Miami, Fl 33199

P: (305) 348-3532
W: Link
Disability Resource Center
11200 SW 8th St.
MM Campus, GC 190
Miami, Fl 33199

P: (305) 348-3532
W: Link
 Comments on Problems or Conditions for Access: 
[Students should arrive at one of the following airports: Miami International Airport (MIA) or Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL). Biscayne Bay Students are closer to FLL Airport and Modesto A. Maidique students are closer to MIA Airport. MIA arrivals may use the Super Shuttle transportation system: or reservations (305)871-2000. FLL arrivals may use Share-A-Ride transportation
system: or reservations (954) 359-1200.
 General Health Comments: 
All students must have Health Insurance. A Panther ID student number must be included on all immunization document submissions.

As per travel permit (J-1 visa)requirements, Canadian NSE student are required to purchase FIU's International Health Insurance plan.
International Students (F-1 visa) from other US states, must either purchase FIUís International Health Insurance Plan at
OR (2) Complete the Alternate Health Insurance Compliance Form found on

Veteran and Military Affairs office

P: 305-348-2838

The student must maintain a GPA of 2.5 at the host campus. (4.0 scale)