University of Alaska Southeast (Juneau)

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Contact Information
Contact:Glenn Wright
Address:1106 Auke lake Way
Juneau, AK 99801
Title:Assistant Professor of Government
Program Site
Program Type:Internship
Discipline(s):Political Science
Dates Offered:Spring Semester/Quarter
Number of Weeks:14 week internship + 1 week of finals= 15
Credit Hours:9 internship + 3 credit class = 12
Plan:A or B
Additional Program Information
About The Program: Key Points: 1. The Legislative Internship Program is an academic program, not work-study. It is demanding & not simply a way to gain credits through a practical experience. Only students who are very serious about their academic studies are chosen & major emphasis is placed upon participation & performance in the seminar. 2. This is a full-time internship requiring students to work in their Legislative office each weekday. Interns cannot have a part-time job during the day Monday -Friday.

Program Requirements: Students must be at least a junior or with 60 credits, & completed three or more credits of government or political science. Top applicants are interviewed by a committee, who gives preference to those with good academic records & good written & oral communication skills. Application process occurs in the fall, with the process completed by November 1.

Program Costs: National Student Exchange participants are encouraged to complete an academic year exchange, registering in the fall for semester academic courses then participating in the spring in the Legislative Internship Program. A stipend is offered to interns.

Access Types
  • Direct: student may apply and go directly to the study abroad site from the home campus if approved
  • Competitive: not all eligible applicants will have the opportunity to participate
  • Open: open to all eligible applicants who meet stated deadlines