Exchange participation is a privilege, not a right. The home campus NSE coordinator will make the final determination regarding eligibility using the following NSE requirements which are applicable at the time of application and at the completion of the term prior to exchange.
  • full-time enrollment at the NSE home campus
  • minimum home campus cumulative gpa of 2.5 (4.0 scale)
    (If the applicant's gpa for the term preceding exchange falls below a 2.5, the exchange may be
    cancelled even though the overall gpa remains at a cumulative 2.5 or greater.)
  • good academic standing as defined by the home institution
  • no incomplete grades from previous terms
  • no current or pending probationary status due to academic dishonesty or misconduct
  • no outstanding financial obligations to the home institution
  • no current or pending probationary or disciplinary action for violation of codes of student conduct
  • must not be on probation, parole, or have any pending legal judgments
Students must also meet any requirements or qualifications which may be imposed by their home campus. Campus Profiles identify campus-specific exchange parameters, limitations, and restrictions that apply to incoming exchange students.