Why Students Participate

Our society has become both restless and mobile. Students are not content to stay in one place and grow roots. In addition, many campuses encourage or require off-campus study experiences. NSE is a significant opportunity in the multitude of options available for new living/learning experiences. Some of the reasons students choose NSE are to:
  • broaden personal and educational perspectives
  • explore new areas
  • learn from different professors
  • experience personal growth
  • explore new areas of study
  • take courses not available on their home campuses
  • acquire life skills
  • explore career options
  • investigate graduate schools
  • look for future employment
  • become more independent and resourceful
  • experience life from a different point of view
"NSE was a perfect way to broaden my horizons while making new friends, enjoying a new scene, and excelling in my studies."

Stephanie Benson
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
to Northern Arizona University