Policies and Procedures details the process for participating in NSE from exploration of exchange sites and application through returning to the home campus following exchange. It is the student's responsibility to become familiar with these policies and procedures as well as those of their home and host institutions.

Each participating campus uses NSE policies and procedures as a framework for their own program and has developed eligibility, application, placement, enrollment, and other procedures appropriate to their own institution. Therefore, students work directly with the NSE coordinator on your campus to learn about the application, placement, and pre-departure processes.

For information on host campuses, see the Campus Profiles. This site provides information on program offerings, NSE tuition payment plans, costs for attendance, and parameters governing exchange for each campus in its capacity as a host or receiving campus.

Participating students will be contacted by their host campus NSE coordinator following placement and given instructions for timely follow-through regarding enrollment, housing, and registration.