Financial Aid

U.S. students who are eligible for federally-funded financial aid at their home campuses should remain eligible for such aid while on exchange although the actual amount and kind of aid received may vary from that received while attending the home campus. Under NSE policy, students apply for, and aid is disbursed from, the campus where tuition and fees are paid. A few NSE members fund their outgoing students on Plan A (tuition and fees paid to their host campus); and all students exchanging to Canada (regardless of tuition payment plan) will be funded through their home campus. Therefore, it is important for your student to discuss financial aid with their home campus NSE coordinator.

Canadian students, regardless of tuition payment plan, apply for financial assistance through their home institution as well as federal and provincial governments.

The ability to access private, state/provincial-based, or institutionally-based grants, scholarships, or fee remissions is determined by the respective granting agencies. For further information, look at Financial Matters and Financial Aid.

Canadians planning to study in the U.S. or Americans planning to study in Canada may apply for a Killam Fellowship which awards $5,000 for a semester along with a competitive health benefits package and the opportunity to participate in academic and cultural programs in other regions of the student's host country.