Academic Progress

The National Student Exchange is an academic opportunity that should serve as an enhancement to the student's program of study while maintaining the student's academic progress toward their degree objectives.

Your student should discuss NSE participation with their academic advisor to determine if NSE is appropriate in their academic plan relative to the time period of exchange and course selection. A flexible academic plan while on exchange is a must as course enrollment at the host campus is based on availability and cannot be guaranteed. If your student is dependent upon a specific course or courses in order to maintain academic progress, he/she should remain enrolled at the home campus.

Once your student has secured a placement and prior to leaving the home campus, your student must develop a written advising agreement governing how course work completed at the host campus will fit into the home campus academic program. The manner in which host campus grades are recorded and courses distributed are determined by the home campus. It is the student's responsibility to understand how host campus grades and credits will transfer back to the home university.

"Students who participate in the NSE program consistently cite their experience as the single most rewarding opportunity of their college career. They return full of life, interested in furthering their education and, in many cases, more goal oriented. They become explorers ready to take on the challenges a new environment offers them."

Ross Meloan
NSE Coordinator and Director of Career Services
Murray State University