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Honors Access

University of Nebraska at Kearney

Contact Information

Dr. Angela Hollman
Honors Program Director
Warner Hall 2200
2504 9th Ave
Kearney, NE 68849
P | 308-865-8894
updated | 06/21
Home campus enrollment is required.
3.5 GPA Required
About the Program
The Honors Program is designed to empower high-ability students to control the nature and pace of their learning and development. We work to impart to students the notion that coursework provides the foundation of their learning, but many abilities grow in less structured settings. These include critical thinking, communication, and self-direction. Other important traits, such as engagement, interpersonal skills, efficacy, and personal values also grow in extra-curricular activities. Together, the curriculum and extra-curriculum—what we call the Pillars of the Honors Program—are intended to most effectively develop the whole person and prepare them for fulfilling careers and lives.

Available Honors Courses
Honors courses are available in almost every academic area.

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