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Honors Access

Thomas Jefferson University

Contact Information

Marcella McCoy-Deh
Director, Honors Program / Asst. Professor - American Studies
Jefferson Honors Institute
Philadelphia, PA 19144
P | 215-951-5367
F | 215-951-2128
updated | 06/21
Home campus enrollment is required.
3.3 GPA Required
About the Program
The Honors Program welcomes highly motivated students who demonstrate academic excellence. Participants in the Honors Program enjoy advanced levels of inquiry, smaller class sizes and seminar style instruction in Honors sections of Hallmark courses. Honors offers opportunities to take advantage of co-curricular experiences in the form of field trips, guest lecturers, etc. that help interpret the course material.

Available Honors Courses
Honors courses are generally in Humanities, Social Science and upper level liberal arts seminars. Incoming honors students would be given permission to take existing Jefferson honors courses and participate in special honors projects.

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