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Honors Access

Oakland University

Contact Information

Dr. Graeme Harper
Director, The Honors College
Oak View, Room 210
Oakland University
Rochester, MI 48309
P | 000-000-0000
updated | 05/22
Home campus enrollment is required.
3 GPA Required
About the Program
In The Honors College we draw on all of the Oakland faculty team - which means that you can access the expertise of an entire comprehensive doctoral/research university. Our classes are small, and our students are leaders on campus as well as outside the university. We support personal excellence and team excellence. A Nobel Prize winner and a national Poet Laureate serve as Honorary Esteemed Fellows of The Honors College, recognizing our support of achievement. We aim to make a difference in your life, and in the lives of others. We offer a wide range of subjects, from those in the Arts and Social Sciences to those in the Natural and Physical Sciences. The topics you can study come in such a fabulous variety. For example, relating to Literature or to Medicine, to Technology, Theatre and Music, Nursing, Engineering, Business, Languages, Sports and so much more! Faculty propose new and innovative courses every year.

Available Honors Courses
Each semester we invite creative, informative, and exciting course proposals from all Oakland University faculty interested in teaching in The Honors College. Honors College courses are offered in the following general education areas: Literature, Natural Science and Technology, Global Perspectives, the Arts, the Social Sciences, Western Civilization, and Formal Reasoning. Honors College courses fulfill HC students’ general education requirements for the areas listed above. HC classes are capped at 20 students and are intended to be interactive and innovative. Each course we offer is reviewed by The Honors College Director. Examples of past Honors College courses: • The Art of Slavery • Spiral Dynamics and the Theory of Everything • Hip Hop and Urban Environments • The Making of the Atomic Bomb • The Photographic Text: Reading and Writing the Photographic Image • Understanding the Human Animal Bond • Too Kind: The Science Behind Pathological Altruism The Honors College also offers a dedicated Honors College thesis preparation class – HC390 – which aims to develop undergraduate researchers for thesis work, and to assist in developing future graduate researchers in all fields, and research and project graduates who can work in industry, government or other project or research and development roles.

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