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Honors Access

University of Wyoming

Contact Information

Peter Parolin
Dean, Honors College
Dept. 3414, 1000 E. University Ave.
University of Wyoming, Guthrie House, 1200 Ivinson
Laramie, WY 82071
P | 307-766-4110
F | 307-766-4298
updated | 06/22
Home campus enrollment is required.
3.25 GPA Required
About the Program
The University Honors Program is a set of opportunities for academically able and ambitious undergraduates. Those opportunities include innovative courses taught by award-winning faculty, independent research on questions important to you and active leadership in a student organization that makes real decisions. The most important opportunities are the chance to grow, to learn in the company of other ambitious students, and to develop your abilities in a challenging and supportive environment.

Available Honors Courses
Honors courses are taught by faculty chosen each year on the basis of competitive applications invited from all colleges in the university. Those chosen are handpicked on the basis of their course proposal and their demonstrated interest in innovative and effective teaching. Courses vary each year.

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