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Honors Access

University of South Carolina - Columbia

Contact Information

Kimberly Dressler
1322 Greene St- Student Success Center
Thomas Copper Library
Columbia, SC 29208
P | 803-777-1000
updated | 06/22
Home campus enrollment is required.
3.5 GPA Required
About the Program
The South Carolina Honors College provides an individualized educational experience for all of its students. Drawing on the resources of a large comprehensive research university, the Honors College provides each of its students one-on-one advising, an extensive four-year curriculum covering all majors with small classes (The average class size is 14 students.) and special housing opportunities. The College aims to ensure that each student makes significant connections with faculty members each semester. Mission: The University of South Carolina Honors College provides a superlative undergraduate education for academically gifted students. With a focus on the individual educational needs, abilities and aspirations of each of its students, the College draws on the full resources and academic depth of a comprehensive research university. Integral to this mission is developing innovative approaches to undergraduate education that serve the broader University and beyond. At the core of the Honors College mission is the belief that each individual student matters and that each deserves a program of study the fits their individual goals and needs.

Available Honors Courses
Although many honors courses are offered directly through various academic departments, many others bear the SCHC prefix indicating that they have been developed specifically for the Honors College. The honors courses offered directly through the various academic departments are indicated in the class schedule by a section code of H or 501. Students may ONLY participate in the program if it is noted on their NSE application that is received by the UofSC NSE coordinator.

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