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Honors Access

Middle Tennessee State University

Contact Information

Judy Albakry
Academic Advisor
1301 E. Main Street
Box 267
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
P | (615)898-8819
updated | 06/22
Home campus enrollment NOT required.
3.25 GPA Required
About the Program
The Honors College fosters the academic excellence and nurturing environment of a small, select, private, liberal arts college within the setting of a major university. The free exchange of ideas and the opportunity to learn from one another in small classes taught by expert faculty make the Honors College experience rich and meaningful. Since 2008, MTSU students have won 16 Fulbright Awards to teach or study abroad. Six science students have won Goldwater Scholarships, another eight were given Honorable Mention commendations, and many others have spent their summers doing Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU's). Students have been finalists for Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships. One has received a Udall Award, two have attended UK Summer Fulbright Institutes, and many others have won Phi Kappa Phi, Omricon Delta Kappa, Boren, Gilman, and Critical Language Scholarships.

Available Honors Courses
ACTG 2110 AERO 1010 AERO 1020 ANTH 2010 ART 1920 ASTR 1030/31 BIOL 1000 BIOL 1030/31 BIOL 1110/11 BIOL 3250/51 BLAW 3400 CHEM 1110/11 CHEM 3010/11 COMM 2200 ECON 2410 ECON 2420 EMC 1020 ENGL 1010 ENGL 1020 ENGL 2020 ENGL 2030 ENGL 3635 FIN 3010 GS 2010 HIST 1110 HIST 2010 HIST 2020 HLTH 1530/31 JOUR 1020 MKT 3820 MUS 1030 PHIL 1030 PS 1005 PS 1010 PS 2100 PS 4230 PSY 2210 RIM 1020 RIM 3000 RS 2030 THEA 1030 UH 3000 UNIV 1010

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