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Honors Access

Florida International University

Contact Information

Rachelle Metcalfe
Assistant Director
Florida International University
MM Campus, DM 229
Miami, FL 33199
P | 305-348-4100
F | 305-348-2118
updated | 07/17
Home campus enrollment is required.
3.3 GPA Required
About the Program

Available Honors Courses
Fall-Term Courses: IDH-1001 Honors Seminar I IDH 2003 Honors Seminar III: Inhabiting Other Lives IDH 3034 Honors Seminar V: Aesthetics, Values, and Authority Spring-Term course: IDH 1002 Honors Seminar II: The Origin of Ideas and the Idea of Origins IDH 2004 Honors Seminar IV IDH 3035 Honors Seminar VI Please Note: NSE Students may enroll in Honors courses for Fall/Spring or Fall-terms ONLY, but not Spring-term only.

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