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Honors Access

Rhode Island College

Contact Information

Dr. Rebecca Sparks
Director, Honors Program
Math Department
Gaige Hall, 361
Providence, RI 02908
P | 401/456-9881
F | 401/456-9751
updated | 09/17
Home campus enrollment is required.
3 GPA Required
About the Program
NSE students are eligible, with permission, to register for most of the Honors courses in our General Education Honors Program.

Available Honors Courses
BIOL 109H Fundamental Concepts of Biology CHEM 103H General Chemistry I CHEM 104H General Chemistry II ENGL 116H Approaches to Film and Film Criticism FYS 100H First year Seminar HON 351H Junior Colioquim HON 365H Junior Year Seminar MATH 139H Contemporary Topics in Math PSYC 110H Introductory Psychology WRTG 100H Introduction of Academic Writing courses added as needed

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