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Honors Access

University of Idaho

Contact Information

Chris Price
Honors Program Management Assistant
Idaho Commons, Room 315B
Moscow, ID 83844-2533
P | 208-885-6147
updated | 05/17
Home campus enrollment NOT required.
3.5 GPA Required
About the Program
Need to have taken ENGL 102 (or equivalent) with a B or better(college writing sample required if no ENGL 102 course). Small, discussion-oriented classes. Upper division courses have included “The Occult in History,” “Energy Issues,” ”Spanish Civil War,“ “The Monsters We Make.” Free concert, chamber music, theatre tickets, Things That Matter weekly discussion groups, “Food for Thought” lunches and “Fire side Chats” with profs, and “Archimedes Ball” – Honors formal dance.

Available Honors Courses
See http://www.uidaho.edu/honors/academics/fall-2015

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