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Honors Access

University of Kentucky

Contact Information

Meg Marquis
Director of Student Affairs
Honors Program, Central Residence Hall II
361 Hugulet Drive, Room 002
Lexignton, KY 40526
P | 859-257-3619
updated | 05/17
Home campus enrollment is required.
3 GPA Required
About the Program
The University of Kentucky Honors Program plays a vital role in the University's commitment to excellence in undergraduate education. Representing every major and college at UK and through its special multi-disciplinary curriculum, the Honors Program provides an alternative course of instruction for outstanding, highly motivated students. An Honors education at UK opens up a world of inquiry, including research, education abroad, and service that will challenge students intellectually, provides access to the most creative minds at UK, and prepares students for advanced study and to make a difference in the world upon graduation. Our students are drawn from around the state, region, country and other countries. When they graduate, they join prestigious organizations or further their education at universities around the world.

Available Honors Courses
Students have the opportunity to attend honors courses in the Humanities, Natural/Physical/Sciences, Social Sciences, Art & Creativity. For specific courses permitted for NSE students, contact the Director for Student Affairs (Honors) for additional information.

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