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Media and Movements: Storytelling for Justice
Making Media, Making Change: Digital Technologies, Storytelling, and Activism - Add your voice to the growing media justice movement. Seek out and amplify hidden stories. No production experience necessary. 8-credit program includes coursework, field excursions, and an 8 credit internship. It is based 100% off campus. Why study in the Twin Cities? https://hecua.org/logistics/why-study-in-the-twin-cities/.

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Program Type
Communication, Film/Media Studies, Social Justice
Minneapolis/St. Paul
Every Term
Host Only

Additional Information

Requirements: 2.5 gpa, completed 2 semesters of college, no pre-requisites Interested students should contact the NSE coordinator at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities to learn about the application process.

Costs: Students are charged an $8900 program fee that covers tuition and course materials. Room and board is additional.

Access Types:
  • Direct: student may apply and go directly to the program site from the home campus if approved
  • Open: open to all eligible applicants who meet stated deadlines

Contact Information

David Holliday
Assistant Director
612-626-2044 (P)
240 Appleby Hall
128 Pleasant Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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